Welcome to the Informational Website for the Ford Settlement

A $299.1 million settlement has been proposed with Ford Motor Company (“Ford”). The settlement resolves claims that Ford manufactured, distributed, or sold certain vehicles containing allegedly defective inflators manufactured by Takata Corporation and TK Holdings, Inc. that allegedly could, upon deployment, rupture and expel debris or shrapnel at the driver or passenger or otherwise affect the airbag’s deployment, and that the Plaintiffs sustained economic losses as a result thereof. The proposed Order Preliminary Approving Class Settlement and Certifying Settlement Class was filed with the Court on July 16, 2018.

Ford denies and continues to deny that it has violated any law, denies liability, and denies that it engaged in any and all wrong doing with respect to the manufacture, distribution, or sale of the Subject Vehicles. Both sides in the lawsuit agreed to a settlement in order to increase recall completion rates and to avoid the cost and risk of further litigation, with the goal of enhanced customer satisfaction.

The Ford Settlement does not involve claims for personal injury or property damage to any property other than the Subject Vehicles.

More information will be coming soon. Please review the documents in the Documents section for more information.